Waterproof dog harnesses

      This collection of harnesses will become your dog's favorite this summer. The H-harnesses from our "Waterproof Harness" collection are super durable, soft, and waterproof, ideal for rainy days, beach outings, and aquatic adventures. Thanks to this innovative material, your furry friend will be super comfortable and safe on any adventure.


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      Why choose Dukier's waterproof harnesses?

      • Maximum waterproofing with style: Our harnesses are designed to withstand water, keeping your dog dry and comfortable even on the wettest days.
      • Easy to clean: These harnesses are super easy to clean; you just need a damp cloth to quickly remove dirt.
      • Lightweight and soft to the touch: Made with durable materials, these harnesses are lightweight and pleasant to the touch, ensuring all-day comfort.
      • Increased durability: With additional stitching at the rivets, these harnesses offer greater durability and resistance to withstand all your dog's adventures.
      • Adjustable length: Designed to fit your dog's body perfectly, providing a secure and comfortable fit.
      • Variety of colors: Available in several colors, these harnesses will allow your furry friend to look stylish and elegant on every walk.
      • Matching accessories: Complete your pet's look with all the matching accessories available in our collection.

      How to ensure your dog's comfort and safety this summer?

      Dukier's Waterproof Harnesses are the perfect choice to keep your pet comfortable and safe regardless of the weather and activity. Thanks to their innovative design and high-quality materials coated in PVC, these harnesses are not only functional but also super comfortable.

      What makes Dukier's waterproof harnesses special?

      Our collection of waterproof harnesses stands out not only for its functionality and design but also for its ability to adapt to your furry friend's needs. Whether at the beach, park, mountains, or any other adventure, these harnesses guarantee that your dog remains comfortable and safe at all times, no matter if it rains.

      How to choose the right size of waterproof harness for your dog?

      Not sure which size to choose? We'll clear your doubts! You need to make sure the harness fits your pet's body well, so you should measure your furry friend and check our size guide. If you still have any doubts, contact us, we will be happy to help you!