Poo Bag Holder

      Without a doubt, the poo bag holder has become one of the essential accessories for walking with your furry friend. Training a dog not to relieve itself in the house is part of the basic care of our pet. One of our responsibilities is to pick up the droppings, but there is nothing better than doing it with a cool hygienic bag. 

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      Why do you need a poo bag holder for your dog?

      One of the most rewarding experiences is taking our furry friend out for a walk. It is also one of the most awaited moments of the day for both us and our dog. Our pet usually takes the opportunity to relieve itself, so you'll need to take a poo bag holder with you.

      Many local councils have adopted measures, such as high fines, to prevent droppings on public roads or in parks. Picking up your dog's poo is an example of good citizenship and it costs nothing to use a practical dispenser to store it. However, it should be seen as a friendly solution to combat this problem and promote environmental awareness.

      Our collection of cool poo bag holders

      The Dukier poo bag holders are very practical and cool, so you can always have them at hand without any hassle. It's the best alternative to constantly looking for bags to pick up your pet's poo. Let's see why they have become our customers' favourites.

      • This accessory is made of high quality materials, such as neoprene. A very versatile type of hood that offers multiple uses.
      • It has a rubber opening to take each bag one by one.
      • This accessory has a hook to attach it to your trousers, to your rucksack or to your dog's leash.
      • On the back of the poo bag holder there is a zippered closure to insert the rolls, so you always have one with you when you buy your poo bag holder.
      • The design, besides being comfortable and lightweight, offers different colours and prints.

      Combine functionality and style with our poo bag holders

      The Dukier poo bag holder guarantees functionality, durability and style. Its design is one of the most elegant, and you can choose from more than 50 different proposals. There are models in plain colours, in pink, blue or black, as well as unique prints to match all our collections.

      Your furry friend will be the coolest in the neighbourhood when you take your kids to school with the Cool School poo bag holder. Although to ensure a sweeter experience, we suggest you take a look at the Gummy Bears design, without leaving behind some of the more fun summer options, such as Mermaid or Navy.

      All in all, picking up after your furry friend doesn't have to be an unpleasant chore. Thanks to Dukier's dog poo bag holders, you'll keep the streets clean of poo and avoid being fined. All you have to do is choose the design you like best to include the hygienic bags and enjoy your walk. We're sure you'll find the perfect accessory to complement your outfit.