Dog Collars

      To enjoy pleasant walks with your furry friend, you must have the right equipment. Dog collars, along with harnesses and leashes, are essential for better control. As this is one of the most important decisions, let us tell you the reasons to buy our cool designs.

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      Why is it important to choose the right collar for your dog?

      Daily outings are necessary for your little one to do their business, but also to keep their muscles strong. Furthermore, these walks ensure joint flexibility and help burn excess energy.

      Choosing a good collar is fundamental to provide greater safety and protection for our pet. One of the advantages of buying Dukier dog collars is that they are designed with resistant and high-quality materials to meet these requirements.

      What is a Dukier dog collar like?

      Dukier collars are so cool that your pet won't want to take them off. They are made with top-quality materials and very cheerful and fun designs. Additionally, some fabrics are hypoallergenic for the most sensitive pups.
      - Super adjustable. Even if your pet is very rambunctious, you don't need to worry because the collar adjusts perfectly to their movements and impulses.
      - Neoprene. The inner part of the collar is lined with very soft neoprene, a very plush fabric to prevent chafing and discomfort.
      - Maximum security closure. It's very difficult for them to take it off because it adjusts with a plastic buckle, a metal ring, and a click closure.
      - Modern design. For the most presumptuous furry friends, there are cool and modern designs with colorful prints.
      - Sizes. In our store, you can find sizes available for all dog sizes, from XS to L.
      - Easy to clean. This product can be hand washed or machine washed on short cycles and without spinning. It is recommended to use laundry bags for delicate garments and dry them horizontally and away from direct sunlight.

      Exclusive collar collections in our store

      Each pet has its own character, so we recommend buying a dog collar that reflects their personality. This accessory has to be safe, a feature that is not incompatible with appearance.

      Dukier collars are very cool and original, as you can see if you access our online store. We have 50 different designs with colorful and eye-catching prints so that your pet can be the coolest in the neighborhood.

      There are incredible designs for all tastes and preferences. In our collection, you can find everything from unicorns, cupcakes to princesses for the most presumptuous female dogs. Among the latest novelties are the Monstera, Berry Love, Smiley, Avocado collars...

      In conclusion, Dukier dog collars are designed for cool pets. Make the walk with your little one an unforgettable experience and strengthen that loving bond with this current and modern accessory.