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Dog Harness: Choice and Safe Use

The dog harness has become an essential accessory in our pet's life. So much so that it has replaced the collar. The reason is simple: these accessories have improved to make walks more comfortable and enjoyable. Although there is a wide variety of designs to suit all needs, the choice is not always easy.

Why choose a harness for your dog?

More and more veterinarians and experts recommend using the dog harness. The truth is that it's a great option because it ensures that your pet is comfortable and helps prevent injuries, such as muscle aches, spine problems, or thyroid complications, to name a few.

Comfort and Safety: The Benefits of Using a Harness

  • Greater control. The harness allows us to have greater control, whether we're going for a walk or playing with our pet.
  • Fit and adaptability. With its various adjustment points, it fits perfectly to the animal's body.
  • Ergonomic design. One of the advantages of the ergonomic design allows it to move more freely.
  • Resilient. They are made with durable and safe materials, so you can rest assured that your friend is in good hands.

Types of Harnesses: Find the Ideal One for Your Pet

At Dukier, we have various types of dog harnesses in different sizes and designs to suit the needs of our furry friends.

  • Trail Harness. It's the latest novelty in our store and is perfect for the most adventurous and robust pets. This accessory is made with very resistant materials and its designs are very cheerful. It's an anti-pull harness, as it incorporates a grip handle on the back for better control.
  • Classic Harness. It remains one of the top sellers for its resistance and comfort. This H-shaped harness is made with high-quality material and is available in multiple designs full of life and color.
  • Reversible Harness. This model is great for the most pretentious pets who want to change harnesses on every walk. You have the option to buy a 2x1, with very original designs on each side. It's made with neoprene for greater comfort and better fit and incorporates reflective bands on this fabric.
  • Adjustable Harness. This type of harness adapts to your furry friend's body and is a practical and comfortable accessory for walking. It's made with neoprene fabric for the interior and breathable mesh on the inside. In some dogs, it may be a bit loose on the chest, if this is the case, choose a smaller size.
  • Body Harness. Body harnesses are super comfortable and easy to put on. They are inserted through the legs and closed on the back with velcro and a buckle type click for great safety. In addition, they adapt perfectly to all sizes and are available in vibrant colors and also with our best-selling designs such as Avocado, Smiley, or Dogtella.

H Harness vs. Y Harness: Features and Differences

H-shaped and Y-shaped harnesses are becoming increasingly popular, but when it comes to deciding which one to wear, it all comes down to how it fits your pet. Let's explore a bit about these options and what makes them different.

  • Y Harness

Y-shaped harnesses have a special impact on the dog's sternum, so when it pulls or lunges, it applies pressure to avoid discomfort. One of the biggest advantages is that it clears the throat area. It's a versatile and comfortable accessory, so it's used for walking, sports activities, and training. You can find this type of harness in our Trail, Adjustable, and Reversible Harnesses.

  • H Harness

H-shaped harnesses provide comfort and safety to our pets. They are called this because they have a shape similar to this letter. They are designed to distribute pressure around the dog's torso to prevent possible joint injuries. They seek to sit on the ribs, so the leash is placed in the middle of the back and leaves the rest of the body free. You can find this type of harness in our Classic Harnesses.

Buying Guide: How to Select the Perfect Harness

To choose the most suitable dog harness, it is important to ensure that it is adjustable and comfortable. This is noticeable if it fits well to their body and does not cause discomfort. The most accurate thing is to choose the most suitable one according to the breed and behavior of the animal.

Fit and Comfort: Keys to Selecting a Harness

The best option to make the right purchase is to choose a custom dog harness. However, if we consider these factors, we'll surely be on the safe side.

  • Size. Take measurements of the chest circumference just behind the front legs and the neck at the height of their shoulders to know what size they need.
  • Design. Choose the design that guarantees their comfort and comfort.
  • Fit. This is a key aspect that depends on behavior and breed, always consider your dog's daily activity and habits.
  • Material. The use of good material influences quality, resistance, and durability.
  • Use. It's not the same to choose a harness for walking as it is for traveling or training.

We encourage you to review the different models of dog harnesses we have at Dukier, to choose the best one for your pet. In case of doubts, contact us, we will be delighted to offer you personalized advice and help you so that your furry friend goes comfortable, safe, and stylish.