Find the ideal waterproof collar for your dog

      Choosing the right collar for our pet is not an easy task, even with multiple options available. There are some details to consider before making the purchase, which is why we have decided to explain the benefits of waterproof dog collars. You may already know about them, but we would like to clarify all doubts. 

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      Benefits of waterproof collars for active dogs

      Rain, just like with us, influences dogs' behavior. Some love to get wet, while others may show a hostile attitude. Choosing a waterproof dog collar is the best option when the weather is not favorable. In case of rain, we recommend having it on hand; we are sure it will become your furry friend's favorite accessory. But we should not only consider this condition for its use, because if you decide to go to the beach, it will also guarantee its waterproofness.

      Complete protection against rain and mud

      This product is made with resistant materials to withstand the inclemency of rain, and consequently, mud. It is soft to the touch and easy to clean; moreover, being completely waterproof, it dries quickly.

      Comfort and style in any weather

      Waterproof dog collars adapt to rain, snow, and even to places where water is the main protagonist. If you go for a walk with your furry friend and find puddles, or if you decide to take him on vacation to the beach, this is the most comfortable and safe choice.

      How to choose the best water-resistant collar

      The waterproof collar is perfect for any season. Thanks to its super waterproof and soft material, you ensure your dog's comfort and safety. Rain increases visual and olfactory stimuli, but not all furry friends manage it well and may become more nervous.

      Size and materials guide for maximum durability

      Dukier's waterproof collar is available in various sizes, from XS to L for a perfect fit. Furthermore, its length adapts to the mobility needs of our pet. This is an aspect to consider in this choice.

      Likewise, you will find that its materials are super resistant, even if your furry friend spends hours and hours in the water. It is a collar designed to provide your pet's comfort and prevent dirt from adhering.

      Maintenance tips for waterproof collars

      One of the greatest advantages of these waterproof collars is that they are super easy to clean with a damp cloth. Make sure to rinse it with clean fresh water and dry it completely. Especially to avoid possible corrosion marks.

      These are some of the reasons to choose one of the cool models of waterproof dog collars available in our online store. Without a doubt, it is one of the best options to enjoy both in summer and winter, especially if you plan to go to the beach or take a trip to the snow.