Safe Christmas: Toxic Christmas Plants for Your Doggy

Christmas is coming and we can't resist decorating our homes with flowers and plants, lights or ornaments to make it look as pretty as possible!

But did you know that some of them can be toxic for our furry friends?

1. Poinsettia :

Poinsettia leaves contain a sap that irritates the tissues of the mouth and esophagus. If the leaves are ingested, they will cause nausea and vomiting, and in large quantities can cause poisoning, but due to the irritation it produces rarely the animal gets to eat that amount.

2. Holly :

In holly both the leaf and the seeds are poisonous. If ingested, they cause intestinal discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive drooling and abdominal pain.

3. Mistletoe :

Mistletoe contains multiple toxic substances for both dogs and cats, causing severe intestinal distress, sudden drop in blood pressure, respiratory problems and even hallucinations.

4. Spruce :

The oils produced by fir trees can irritate your pet's mouth and stomach, causing excessive vomiting or drooling. The needles of the tree can cause gastrointestinal irritation, obstruction and punctures.

Do not leave plants within your dog's reach and unsupervised, especially if your puppy is given to chewing or eating plants! In case your dog ingests any of these plants, call your veterinarian to act accordingly.

🎅🏼We wish you and your furry friend a Merry Christmas! 🎄