DIY: Christmas Stocking

Merry Christmas to you Friends!!!!

Do you have everything ready for tomorrow? This year it won't be hard for you to make a quick and easy gift for your furry friend, or for an animal lover! They love us unconditionally all year long and with this little gift we can include them in the specialness of Christmas Day!

We propose an idea with felt, but the craft is very simple and can be done with materials you have at home! Sackcloth, jeans, pillowcases .... let your imagination run free!


- 60x40 felt (red x2, brown x1, gold x1).

- Scissors

- Pencil

- Glue

- Die cutter

- Red ribbon

1. Gather all the materials and place the two layers of red felt on top of each other.

2. Fold the felt in half and use the pencil to draw one side of your duck. This will make it easier for you to get both sides symmetrical. Draw as many times as necessary, the side with the marks will stay inside and will not be seen!

3. When you are happy with the shape you have created, cut out both pieces of felt and make sure they are both the same size and shape.

4. With the die cutter make small holes every 1.5cm - 2cm (depending on the thickness of your bow) all the way around the duck.

5. Thread the bow through the holes you just made and finish both sides with a knot so that nothing slips out of your sock!

6. Now we have to make the little holes and we will follow the same method as for the shape of the paw. Cut 4 small squares of felt and fold them in half so that the holes are symmetrical and drop-shaped. The biggest one will be made by folding the felt and drawing half a heart!

7. Add the last details such as the golden edge of the sock, a bone or even the name of your dog and fix it all with the glue so it doesn't fall off.

8. When it's dry, hang your sock next to the tree so Santa Claus knows who to leave the prizes for!

9. Put on your pajamas and go to sleep early today! The reindeer won't stop if they see you awake!

🎄🎅🏼🐶🎁🦌🐾From the whole Dukier team, we wish you a Merry Christmas!!!! 🎄🎅🏼🐶🎁🦌🐾