DIY: Doggy Tree Ornaments

Good morning Amidogs!

Christmas is upon us and we're sure there's no shortage of plans!

Dukier's Christmas tree couldn't have anything other than doggy ornaments, so if you want yours to have details of your best friend too, keep reading!!!

What you'll need:

- Clay (air-drying)

- Cookie cutter

- Rolling pin

- Straw

- Plastic to cover your work surface

- Tie or string

1. Knead the clay with the rolling pin on top of the plastic, until you have a uniform dough about half a cm thick.

2. Use the cutters to form your ornaments and with the straw make a hole for the string at the top of the drawing.

3. In case you don't have a cutter with the shape of your furry friend, you can always use them as inspiration...

Once the shape is done, gently remove the clay from the plastic so it doesn't break.

5. Let your ornaments dry for at least 24h before you put the ribbon through the hole and .... voila!

You have your ornaments ready to decorate your tree!!!

Another option is to string them all together and make garlands to decorate your best friend's house!!!

We can't wait to see your ornaments!!!

🎅🏼 All the Dukier team wishes you a Merry Christmas! 🎄