Stores and Distributors

Do you want to become the coolest store in your city?

If you are a professional in the sector and you are interested in our super products to market them in your physical store, we will be delighted if you contact us at the following e-mail: It would be great if you tell us the name of your establishment, where it is located, contact person and telephone number, to know a little more about you and to know whether or not to refer you to our official distributors.

We will provide you with all the data related to rates, minimum orders and technical characteristics of our products... And much more!

If you are a distributor of pet products and you are interested in including different products in your catalogue, with fun and quality designs, you can also contact us at We will send you the rates for distributors and we will discuss the conditions to start working together.

It would also be convenient for you to tell us what your work area is, your name, and contact telephone number so that we can get to know your company and you a little more.

Thank you for wanting to be part of the Dukier family!