Trail harnesses for Dogs

      You don't need to take your dog climbing to buy a trail harness, although it's the perfect occasion. These accessories are designed to provide maximum safety, especially for when they run or engage in physical activity. In our online store, you will find some of the coolest designs to ensure a proper fit.

      Why choose a trail harness for your adventurer?

      Choose a Dog harness It is a challenge, since there are different types that fit the needs of your pet.The TRAIL HARNESS also called hiking harnes o off -road harness They differ by their ergonomic design to guarantee comfort and freedom of movement.This type of harness began to be used for police dogs called Tactical harness.   We tell you more reasons to buy this product. 

      • Control and security. The use of the trail harness provides greater control over your pet unlike a traditional necklace.The grip is much better in the event that the hairy throws from you to change the route. 
      • Comfort .These harnesses have been designed to provide more comfort to your dog, since they are adjustable and adapt to their body.This allows them to move with more freedom and naturalness. 
      • Injury prevention. The design of this accessory prevents the lesions because it distributes the body pressure evenly.This avoids possible damage to the neck, joints and back. 
      • Stress reduction. Some dogs are more nervous than others, if this is the case of your pet, this complement helps reduce its stress levels.Pets feel much more comfortable and relaxed if the weight is better distributed. 

      Explore our Arnes Trail designs

      In our store online We have the latest news in Dog trail harness .These models have been created to support everything, thanks to the perfect adjustment to the size of your pet.Arnes Dukier are exclusive and made with all the care and care that your pet needs. 

      • Anti-pull harness .Both its anti -pull and resistant materials are suitable for the wildest walk.In addition, the extra ring on D in the chest allows the strap to control the pull. 
      • Comfort .The interior is lined with a breathable mesh to guarantee maximum comfort to your pet.In addition, it is easily removed and puts thanks to double closure. 
      • Diferents sizes .The size of the harness is another important detail, but you should not worry because it goes from the S to the XL for all types of sizes. 
      • Cool designs .The different designs with colors and prints full of life are ideal for adventurous and presumed dogs. 

      Security and comfort on each walk

      Dukier has designed this Dog trail harness with soft and resistant materials of high quality to guarantee safety and comfort .This balance is essential to avoid injuring your skin.These are some of the characteristics that provide greater protection. 

      • He safety lock It is blockable in the neck. 
      • It has a Reflective trinket For greater security in night walks. 
      • He grip on the spine It is magnificent for the total control of your hairy. 

      In short, the Dukier dog trail harness it's a off-road harness of great quality at a very competitive price.If you have doubts about which one that suits your dog, see us to advise you, taking into account the breed, size and physical activity level of your pet.