H-Harnesses for Dogs: Original Classic Harness

      What makes Dukier's classic H-harness collection so special?

      Our classic dog harnesses, also known as H-harnesses, are designed to provide your furry friend with maximum comfort, safety, and style during their walks. This wild and extravagant collection will not only make your dog stand out on the streets but also ensure a hassle-free walking experience thanks to its adjustable design and durable materials. 

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      What are the main features of Dukier's classic H-harness for dogs?

      • Perfect fit: Our harnesses can be easily adjusted to fit the size and shape of your dog.
      • High-quality materials: Made with soft and durable materials, our harnesses offer resistance and comfort for your pet.
      • Guaranteed safety: Equipped with a 4-point closure, these harnesses provide extra security during walks.
      • Attractive design: With a very original design featuring double patterns, these harnesses are not only functional but also add a touch of style to your dog.
      • Amazing colors: For the basics, these harnesses are also available in various colors.

      What benefits does Dukier's H-harness offer for your dog?

      • Maximum comfort: Designed to distribute pressure evenly over the dog's chest and abdomen, preventing damage to the neck and spine during walks or sudden pulls.
      • Easy control and handling: Ideal for nervous dogs or those who pull on the leash, as they allow for better control.
      • Ease of use: Thanks to its H-shape and strategically placed closures and buckles, putting on and taking off the harness is super easy.
      • Freedom of movement: Our harnesses allow your dog to move freely without causing chafing, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable walk for both.

      Why are Dukier's H-harnesses the best choice for your pet?

      At Dukier, we love dogs and fashion. That's why we've designed a wide range of original and creative classic H-harnesses for dogs, available in different styles, colors, and patterns. Each harness is made with high-quality webbing, combining the latest design trends with sustainable production. Additionally, we offer different sizes to fit the size of your furry friend; large, medium, and small, ensuring a perfect fit for each one.

      Instructions and care

      Our products can be hand washed or machine washed at a maximum of 30° in short cycles without spinning. We recommend using bags for delicate garments. It is important not to put the products in the dryer. Dry flat and never directly in the sun.

      How to choose the right size H-harness for your dog?

      To ensure the harness fits well, we recommend measuring your furry friend and consulting our size guide. Do you have any questions? Don't worry! Contact us and we will help you find the one that best fits their body.