Does your furry friend also have a unique and special personality? That's exactly what inspired us to create Dukier. Dukier was born in 2016, but its story begins much earlier with the adoption of our three furry friends Duque, Kira, and Erica, each with their own personality. We realized that the walking accessories available in the market did not reflect the identity of our dogs, and the quality was not what we wanted for them. Thus, the idea of Dukier gradually emerged. At Dukier, we create unique accessories for our pets with the idea of ​​reflecting the personality of our furry friends. Each accessory we create is designed and manufactured with the best materials, and our team works to create groundbreaking designs and innovative products that make pets and owners happy and turn every walk into a special moment. In honor of our furry family, we don't forget about another of our missions: promoting animal welfare by supporting associations that work in their care. When you choose Dukier, you are not only choosing a special accessory for your pet, but you are also supporting an important cause. Join the Dukier revolution and make your pet the coolest in the park!