Arneses body para perros 

      Hay una amplia variedad de arneses para tu mascota, pero si buscas comodidad para tu peludito, qué tal probar con un arnés body perro de Dukier. Es una prenda que se ajusta alrededor de tu cuerpo para distribuir correctamente la presión y manejarla con más facilidad en tus paseos diarios. Como es habitual en nuestra tienda online, encontrarás los diseños más chulos y originales. 

      Why choose a body harness for your dog?

      He Dog Body Arnés It is perfect if your pet is small because it provides greater back and neck security.Also, it is the best choice if your hairy is one of those who tend to pull and give pulls.But, above all, it is a recommended garment for dogs that need greater support.

      One of the biggest advantages of using these harnesses is your padded preparation, which guarantees additional comfort to avoid skin irritations.Above all, because these adjustable garments and with an enveloping design They provide greater control, but without exerting pressure in the neck area.

      Variety of Arnes Body in Dukier

      In our store online You have this accessory for your pet to be the center of attention.The prints are very original and we have taken care of the details to offer you a quality harness.Check out the characteristics of the Dug Dog Body Arnés. Exclusive models for mound dogs!

      • Comfort. Your dog will be supercomode with this garment that is introduced by the legs and has the closure in the back.It is the best way to avoid passing it through the head so that you put it on and remove easily.
      • Resistant and soft tissues. The breathable mesh on both sides of the harness guarantees that your hairy is cooler, especially after playing and jogging.
      • Security. The hitch on the top is from Velcro and has a double closure with buckle for greater protection.
      • Easy to wash. Like the rest of the Dukier products, you can wash it by hand or in the washer at 30 ° C maximum and without centrifuging.
      • Sizes. Get off for the size because these designs are available from the S to the XL.
      • Original Designs. You can choose a super cool design for your flirtatious pet.You have them in vibrant colors and full of life, such as blue, pink or green, and in incredible prints, such as the Smiley Body Body Arnés For a happier walk.

      Discover the comfortable and safe adjustment of our Arnes Body

      In dukier we always think about the well -being of our pets, so we choose high quality materials to guarantee safety and comfort. These harnesses have the safe adjustment thanks to the double closure with buckle.It is a way to prevent them from sliding or causing discomfort to your hairy.

      In conclusion, the Dog Body Arnés It is an excellent option for your pet to be comfortable and safe during walks and outdoor activities.In addition to providing greater control and uniformly distributing the pressure, this accessory is easy to adjust and offers additional support for your hairy body.