Arneses ajustables para perros 

      El arnés ajustable perro es el accesorio perfecto para garantizar la sujeción y comodidad de tu peludito. Pero, si quieres que sea el más coqueto del barrio, elige un diseño original con un estampado molón. ¡Conoce esta opción segura y práctica para pasear con tu mascota! 

      The importance of a perfect adjustment

      The Perfect harness choice For dog it depends a lot on the size and weight of your pet.It is necessary to adapt it perfectly to your body to guarantee your safety and avoid possible injuries.When buying it you must keep these details in mind, but, above all, pay attention to the adjustment system.

      He Ergonomic design Avoid excessive pressure in your pet's neck, an important aspect in some races that are more delicate.It is essential that you review if you have safe and resistant buckles and closures to provide you with the greatest security.

      The harness must be adjusted enough for your pet to be breathe y Move freely .Whether it is too loose and tight, you could escape or hurt.In addition, check that the placement is fast and simple not to waste time.

      The characteristics of Dukier's adjustable harnesses

      In our store online You have Adjustable dogs for dogs For all types of pets.You can choose the one you like the most because we have the accessory you need for your hairy to be the most grim.Let's look at its exclusive characteristics and differences with the rest.

      • Resistant materials. He Adjustable dog harness Dukier It is made of resistant, comfortable and soft materials.Includes a layer of neoprene on the outside and a breathable mesh inside so that your puppy is cool.
      • Reflective bands .Reflective bands are included in the neoprene layer to enjoy night walks and you can find your pet better in unlightened places.
      • Comfortable fastening. Another of the biggest advantages of this garment is that it is easily placed around the chest, thanks to the adjustment in gold metal ring on the back to hook the belt.
      • Safe closure .The closure guarantees the protection and safety of your puppy with the brooches of clip in four points on the animal's back.
      • Easy to wash .This garment is easily washed by hand and in the washing machine in short programs at a maximum temperature of 30 ° C and without centrifuged.

      Collections of exclusive adjustable harnesses in our store

      The Dukier's adjustable harness collection It is very wide and varied.It is available in different sizes for breeds and pets of all ages.The designs are very original, striking and with superdive prints for mound dogs.

      Explore our Best Sellers, highlighting Smiley for their joy, Cheetah Gold for its wild elegance with golden touches, Flower Power for lovers of Bohemian, and Gummy Bears with their vibrant colors and playful designs.These collections guarantee style and comfort on each walk.

      Los Adjustable dogs for dogs They are a comfortable and safe accessory to walk with your pet.In addition, it is the best choice to reduce pulls and will help you control this behavior.The benefits are multiple and one of the biggest advantages is that you can choose from a wide range of mills.